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03 Apr

I should title this “The Post That Almost Didn’t Happen”.  It’s been a crazy week in the household with it being my youngest’s birthday and all.  I didn’t think I’d have a chance to make this recipe this week… but Pizza Rustica (“Baking with Julia”, Recipe hosted at Capital Region Dining and The Place They Call Home) really did save the day on Sunday.

When I have company, I don’t like cooking run of the mill things.  I like trying new recipes and the TwD goodies have always been good for that.  So what’s better for a sunday dinner after watching a hockey game?  Pizza pie.

As always, I started off baking with doubts.  I didn’t know if the recipe would turn out okay.  I don’t have a food processor and my blender broke… and being that I didn’t know what “pulse” speed was on anything until the last week or so, I have no idea how changing equipment will impact recipes.

The crust is fabulously easy to make.  As you can see in the picture, my strips across the top broke.  I didn’t have enough for them so I stretched them pretty thin.  Nobody cared, though, when it was all said in done.  In fact, nobody would have noticed if I didn’t say anything.

The crust itself was sweet and not too thick which we all liked.  (Although, I’m sure Dan would like it to be a thick crust next time since it’s Chicago soul cries out for thick crusts and deep dishes.)

For the filling, I winged it a bit.  I used the ricotta it called for; however, the prosciutto was way too expensive and I just didn’t want to pay for it.  I used turkey pepperoni since my kids are a pepperoni pizza eater.  I also added sauce to the bottom of the crust and drizzled over the top once the cheese went in.  This made it more appealing to Noelle and definitely more convincing for her to try it.

I did use the ricotta but used a mixed “Italian cheese” bag that was on sale at giant eagle for the rest.  It was one of those week where I had to pick my pennies and mix and match.  And that’s okay!  The spirit of the recipe was there, and we all know that recipes are out there to be inspirations and to be tweaked.

We loved this recipe.  I can see this as something we’ll make every so often on a Sunday especially because Noelle loved it.  She’s my picky eater so when I can find dinner food she’ll eat that isn’t a chicken nugget or bagel bite, you add it to your recipe box.  I was actually amazed she ate it.  I’m not a huge fan of ricotta cheese myself so I didn’t think she’d like it.  I was wrong!  Who knows?  Maybe I can get her to eat lasagna next?  Haha.


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3 Responses to TwD: Pizza Rustica

  1. Kathy

    April 4, 2012 at 6:59 am

    Better late than never! Your pizza rustica looks fabulous! Love your takes on this recipe and your philosophy! Recipes are there for inspiration!

  2. Alice

    April 4, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    wow! you put sauce in??? how did that taste? I want to try doing different toppings next time in the filling,… it was a bit bland for us, although there was plenty we liked about it, we didnt love this recipe.

    • Amanda

      May 15, 2012 at 1:23 pm

      Way late reply. We loved it with sauce. I don’t think my oldest would have eaten it without it. I plan on making this again with some variations. It seems pretty versatile!


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