Graduation Candy Toppers for Cupcakes

15 May

Livia’s kindergarten class has a fun task going on for the last month of school.  Each day they pop a balloon to see what special thing is going to happen the following day of class.  This is to celebrate their upcoming graduation and that step into becoming a 1st grader.  Balloons contained things like a mystery reader, bubble gum, and a beach party.

I volunteered for “special snack” day.  There were quite a few ideas from Pinterest that I wanted to make and plan to in future.  You might like some of these for your young kids:

The witch hat idea got me thinking.  Let’s turn those into graduation caps to make it theme appropriate.  These are so easy to do so any “non crafty” mommies (and daddies) can do them.  They also are rather cheap costing less than $10 depending on your grocery store prices and if you add them to cupcakes like I did.

Ingredients for the Candy Graduation Caps

  • Rolos
  • Bahlsen Choco Leibniz cookies cut into squares (I wanted a cookie for mine.  You can use square chocolates or anything else edible that is square really.)
  • Tube frosting (I used white)
  • Decorating tip (I made sure to use a small tip so I can pipe on the tassel)

How to assemble:

  1. Unwrap your Rolos and turn them upside down.  The bottom of the hat should be the widest part of the candy.
  2. Cut your cookies into a square shape (if needed)
  3. Pipe your icing onto the top of the Rolo.  Make sure to put enough that it will actually stick to the cookie.  I know that the tops of Rolos have a slight indent so too little icing won’t act as your glue.
  4. Attach the bottom of your cookie to the top of the Rolo.  For the Bahlsen cookies, you know which is the bottom because it’s not covered by chocolate.
  5. Pipe a tassel onto the top of the cookie
  6. Refrigerate to help the icing dry

You can be done here if you want or you can use these as cupcake toppers like I did.  The cupcake isn’t important.  I ended up just using my box of backup Funfetti and vanilla icing.  Normally I would be hunting down a fun recipe on Pinterest but I didn’t have time.

My daughter was thrilled when she saw these so I’m sure whatever you choose will be best!

I’d love to hear what folks use for the top part of the hat if anybody happens to use this idea or has done one in the past!


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